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Why You Should Never Be Embarrassed About Treating Your Vaginal Dryness

Almost guaranteed to be more proliferous than you think, vaginal dryness is an incredibly prevalent environment that affects 1 in 3 women on average – and is often considered more frequent in women who’ve undergone menopause

Despite its commonplace occurrence, this problem habitually embarrasses many females who suffer. But it really shouldn’t! Straightforwardly addressing the problem is the first step to amending it and, with the sheer amount of successful treatments available, effectively combating your vaginal dryness and enjoying repletion is right at your fingertips. Not literally.

What is exactly is vaginal dryness?

As the name suggests, this issue results in your vagina being less jelled with reduced stretch. This can not only make congress cumbersome, but some women describe the act being painful, unambiguously because they aren’t producing enough lubrication to ease the process. 

The oestrogen hormone is responsible for keeping your vagina inherently jellied with the optimum amount being released from your cervix. But, during menopause period, this hormone conventionally declines – thus reducing the amount of elementary moisture you produce. This is why dryness is most common in post-menopausal females.

However, it can occur in women of all ages with a decrease in oestrogen NOT being the only cause. 

What else can cause this setup?

If you’re a young woman not enduring menopause, there're other reasons that can culminate in this problem other than chemical factors. 

Taking oral contraceptive pills, antidepressants, breastfeeding and purely not building enough arousal before penetration can all dramatically contribute to desiccation. In addition, certain shower gels or perfumed soaps can also be a cause, so it’s indispensable to peruse the ingredients of your idiomatic products if you perceive dryness. 

What are the specified indications of vaginal dryness?

Each individual case will be very different, with some women only occasioning dryness during amity and others suffering with it 24/7. 

Perhaps the most obvious symptom is pain or discomfort during congressing, unelaborately because of substandard lubrication. Other issues as a culmination of this can include prickly perturbation, lack of overall drive, difference in the appearance of the vulva and even changes in discharge. 

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If you encounter anything symptomatic, or anything else that looms exceptional in the vajayjay, counseling from a doctor is highly recommended. And if you receive a vaginal dryness determinator, you can begin exploring various methods of treatment until you find the best option for you. 

Treating dryness at home

Before potentially undergoing medical therapy, there’s a multitude of at-home methods you can try first. 

An array of vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are available for purchase without requiring a prescription. Daubing a generous amount of lube atop just before closeness will furnish a fruitful departure from congenital lubrication, and should make virtually any sexful activity be more cushy and easeful. 

It’s also important to give yourself enough time to get sufficiently engaged. Engaging in extended foreplay and communicating with your partner is key, and may help your vagina constitutionally increment its moisture, ready to get friendly. 

However, if at-home methods aren’t working and your vaginal dryness begins to become debilitating in living normally, elective treatments may be necessary. 

Advanced treatments

Your doctor may prescribe HRT (hormone replacement therapy) tablets. This strategy is specifically designed to replace a scarcity of oestrogen if your levels have begun to decay. HRT is also available as a topical gel, implant or patch dependent on preference. 

Alternatively, you can also be prescribed oestrogen meant for application within the vagina. Similar to HRT, this will be used to replenish declined oestrogen as an upshot of menopause, and may take weeks to become operative .

As these specifiable treatments are put in place to aggrandize depleted hormones, they’re unlikely to be suitable for younger women – unless tests are administered demonstrating an oestrogen debilitation. 

The HRT recipe may also come hand-in-hand with certain side effects including headaches, hot flushes, swelling and even vaginal bleeding. If you assimilate symptomatic occurrences, it’s pivotal to dialogue with your GP for liberating adaptations. 

If you were embarrassed with allusion to your vaginal dryness, hopefully discovering more information has made you be less so. As a relatively recurrent order that’s customarily easy to treat, maintaining a soothing & healthy lifeline is yours for the taking – even after menopause!