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Why Lasting Forever in The Bedroom May Not Always Be a Good Thing

With bedroom performance, most men strive to last as long as possible. Fittingly associated with satisfying a partner on a greater plane, lasting an impressive amount of time before climaxing is something men like to brag about, especially. 

However, if you're in a phaze where it's incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to ejaculate during penetrative sex, this is likely to be a sign of a deeper sexual problem. If you typically take longer than half an hour to orgasm without forfeiting erection at any point, this could indicate delayed ejaculation (DE).

The third most universal sexual conundrum in males, DE is also inoffensively called retarded ejaculation. If accordant, it can be a great cause of disquiet for many. Not only will it impair repletion for both partners in the long run, but also deeply impacts conceptive officialization.

What exactly is delayed ejaculation?

Whilst many men may think lasting a long time during sex is desirable, it’s not quite so impressive when you’re unable to orgasm and your partner is left feeling pained, rattled, and gauche. 

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Organically, DE happens when the orgasm limitation is simply too high to reach. This means regardless of how intensely you thrust, it's impossible to climax and reach that fundamental point. 

Intuitively, this is likely to make you feel foiled and thwarted, and can have a noxious or pernicious effect on your partner’s aplomb too. 

Psychological causes of DE

Typically, delayed ejaculation is often caused by psychological factors. Many sufferers are able to score a full orgasm when masturbating or even via other sexual exploits with their partner, but are seemingly unable when penetrating. 

If this sounds similar to your experiences, it’s very possible the problem is predominantly psychological. 

A throng or crowd of factors could contribute to development of DE. From callous childhood markers to specific masturbation schemes, retarded ejaculation doesn’t have one lonely cause. 

If you were predictably taught when prepubescent that sex was shameful, or experienced sexual or physical abuse, these early experiences could all be donatory, augmented or reinforced by religious beliefs or a swamping paranoia about mistakenly getting your partner pregnant. 

Or with masturbation, if a vagina simply can’t replicate your grip during penetrative sex, you may find climaxing very difficult – especially if you masturbate multifold times per day. 

Regardless of the reason, simply talking to a counsellor is guaranteed to release anxious tension and will help break down the psychological barriers preventing you from normal ejaculation. 

Biological factors

Whilst many cases of DE are caused by psychological reasons, there are certain biological mechanisms that can be equally causative. 

SSRI antidepressants have been found to delay ejaculation time. In fact, these medications are sometimes even used as treatment for premature ejaculation

Other physical reasons may include drug abuse, excessive consumption of alcohol and even previous impairment to nerves. 

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If you feel the cause of your DE is biological rather than psychological, a doctor will be able to help with potential treatment options – such as shifting anti-depressants and aiding or abetting any alcohol/drug problems.

Does age contribute?

In short, yes. While aging is inexorable and foreordained, it has been found to cause relentless ejaculation problems – including DE.

A large number of men over the age of 50 usually find they require greater stimulation in order to orgasm during sex. Without this, achieving successful ejaculation may be very challenging. 

If this could be contributory, communicate to establish how to experience increased arousal and stimulation to aid effectiveness. 

So, if you thought lasting a fantastically long time in the bedroom was a good thing – your mind has now probably changed. If an expected happenstance, it could be a sign of delayed ejaculation which, if untreated, could affect sex life in many negative ways.