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The Surprising Causes of Reduced Testosterone & Low Libido in Men

Common in both men and women, low sex drive quite literally means just that – decline in being interested in sexual intercourse or other related couple activities. 

Many life events cause a temporary loss of desire, but it can become debilitating if ongoing. Commonly causing vigorous disgruntlement, ample relationship problems may arise if your drive isn’t identical to your partner’s, with one or both incomplete or deficient. 

We’re focusing solely causes – some of which may be disquieting, even ghastly! Often, first steps in treating lower libido necessitate identifying precisely what triggers it, to gain important information to seek appropriate treatment.

Don't let this cause an episode of trichotillomania - don't give in to wanting to pull your hair out over this! This may be anxiogenic, but there are ways to find help.

Not sleeping properly

An underestimated causes of lacking drive, not experiencing proper sleep can wreak havoc on testosterone – even men in perfect health. 

Research has shown young males who only achieve a short cycle of sleep can see reduced testosterone up to a percentage of fifteen. Such a volatile reduction in this hormone means a severe decline in desire for copulation, which is oddball enough for a teenager. 

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If sleep efficaciousness or depth are unabatedly low for a long period, testosterone is likely to be thoroughly milked, much like a cow. By retiring at a reasonable point for nocturnal customs, one may see an uptick in drive. Better sleep renders us more energetic, productive even, during daylight. It can also positively affect our vitality, creativity, immune system, even weight!

What can we do?

Look into options for better sleep, such as quality mattresses. Go to bed early, shutting off all lights. White or no noise are best ambient environments. Don't give in to drowsiness - napping is not a friend to the sleepless! Control exposure to light, don't use backlit devices. Exercise, which stimulates metabolism, helps production of cortisol and other hormones, is best completed three hours before attempting to sleep.


Low testosterone amount is a significant cause of lacking libido in men. Medications can contribute. 

Opioids like codeine, steroidal usage and antidepressants have all been linked to reduced testosterone, even halving sexual appetite. 

Currently on regular medicines and sensing a deteriorating drive? Breach it with a GP. Not all medicines reduce testosterone, but research proves that some have demonstrable connectivity. Keep abreast of breaking informative notices to take appropriate maneuvers or endeavors. 

Getting older

Though inevitable, age can have a derogatory effect upon libido in men, not to even mention the activities that libido generally confers.

If you think age could be contributing to your reduced eagerness for nooky, medications could help counteract this. Age is defined as a length of time and a distinct period, but it doesn't have to trip us up! Don't go by the standard of your generation - keep setting goals.

As musician Tom Petty quoted, "If you're not getting older, you're dead." If only choices are between adding more birthday cake candles and hitching a ride with a Grim Reaper, we know which we choose as preferable!

Relationship issues 

Even though most people assume low libido is down to physical factors, emotional reasons can equally contribute. Relationship problems are especially prevalent. When it seems that one just cannot stand the face or form of their partner, there will be contentions, to say the least.

Feeling disconnected renders it highly likely that interest in having carnal knowledge of them will decrease. Regular arguments, bad communication or misplaced trust all bear responsibility. Solutions such as couples counseling or therapy could be of great help if no physical reason for low drive. Make honest connections, be candid.

Heavy alcohol consumption

This is perhaps a most surprising cause of low libido. Most people associate drinking alcohol with higher lust and lessened inhibitions, resulting in perhaps more incidences, not fewer.

However, if alcohol is excessively consumed over a prolonged time period, this can actually reduce libido. 

Lack of confidence 

Equally affecting both genders, severe lack of confidence or self-esteem is often a huge contributor of whether someone wants to "get it on" or not. 

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Feeling down, miserable, undesirable? Interest in getting naked is almost guaranteed to undergo a downward spiral. Whether feeling anxious about how one performs in the bedroom or simply not liking their own naked body, zero confidence can severely alter libido.

What to do?

Body positivity is a popular movement in the public eye. Negative thoughts can escalate quickly; dwelling on positives can retrain a mind to love a body. Don't be unrealistic with expectations.

Chronic low self-esteem or consistently low drive signifies it's time to speak to a GP. If not addressed, more severe issues could arise. 

Using drugs

Similar to excessive alcohol consumption, drug use has also been significantly linked to weakened testosterone. From marijuana to opiates, virtually any sort of long-term drug misuse is likely to have a detrimental effect on these hormone levels – and subsequently libido if not controlled. 

These are just some of the most common causes of male low libido. If one or more of these factors could be contributing to lack of drive, talk to your GP for treatment advice.