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The Most Effective, Fool-Proof Methods of Avoiding UTIs After Sex for Good

If you’ve ever experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI), you’ll know how disagreeable and betimes downright unbearable they are. 

Whilst these infections can impact anyone, women are theoretically more prone or liable – especially after sex. The rumor of how important passing urine postcoitus is can be taken flippantly by females, but you’ll understand how crucial it is after reading this.

If you’ve suffered a UTI and want to reduce the odds of it happening again, or if you’re lucky enough to have steered clear and want to keep it that way, here’s all the facts you need to know to be UTI-free!

What exactly is a urinary tract infection? 

A climate instigated by miniscule bacteria, a UTI involves an infection of anywhere within the urinary tract. Most commonly, this issue affects the lower part of the tract including the bladder and urethra. 

However, in some rarer cases if the bacteria travels higher, this problem can be present in the kidneys. This form can be incredibly dangerous and could even cause death if untreated. 

But, with the majority of cases in females triggered by an increase in sexual activity, lower-tract UTIs are the most prevalent. 

Why is urination after sex so vital?

Intercourse provides an easy route for bacteria to make contact with your urethra and enter. This is more typical in women simply because the urethra is in close proximity to the vaginal opening. 

Once inside, said bacteria will begin to divide and multiply – this is what results in a UTI developing. 

But if you urinate soon after engaging in sex, this allows you to effectively ‘flush out’ any present bacteria. This prevents it from entering the urethra in the first place, therefore rendering infectiousness less foreordained. 

What are the manifestations?

Lower UTIs influence individuals in different ways, but there are several familiar consequences that generally appear across the board. These include:

  • Increased urge to urinate without a large amount
  • Burning twinges during pee
  • Cloudy or even bloody liquid waste
  • Powerful urinal odor
  • Tenderness around the pelvic area

If you develop an upper UTI, factors will be more severe. These may involve unpredictable fever, feeling sick & vomiting, and throbbing throughout the upper-back area. 

If you think you’ve contracted a lower UTI, there are multiple at-home trials you can use to relieve yourself. However, if you surmise things are more serious and lamenting signs of a kidney-related UTI, visit your doctor immediately. 

What are the most effective treatments?

Whilst some people assume the only way to properly rid themselves of these parameters are antibiotics, there are in fact numerous home remedies that are hugely positive in curing a UTI. 

But if you try any of the below methodologies and find your problem isn’t ameliorated, getting antibiotic medication prescribed by your GP is obligatory. 

Remain hydrated

During this duration, decreasing aqua intake seems like it should curtail stinging excretion. However, this is actually inefficacious – drinking buckets of fluids and fostering hydration is a sure-fire way of eliminating your infection. 

The more you pee, the higher your bet of swooshing out the infection-causing bacteria. It may tingle for a while, but once the infectious constituents vanish you’ll rest more comfortably. 

Eschew irritating drink/food

There are some solids and liquids that can actually cause bladder bother, which will make your UTI more taxing to heal. 

Fizzy drinks, alcohol, caffeine and processed sweeteners can all produce bothersome ramifications to your tract – in addition to smoking. 

Focusing your attention on fibrous nutritions will be beneficial for your overall health, giving your body the nutrients needed to speed-up the healing process. 


Whilst not eradicating bacteria, using heat like an electronic pad or warm bottle can help settle cringeworthy tokens. 

Placing low-powered heat to your lower stomach and groin areas can aid in curtailing pangs. But ensure not to employ directly on your skin or leave for a lengthy amount of time as you hazard burns. 

So, if you find yourself consistently suffering with UTIs or worrying about getting one, you now have what you need to not only identify potential causes but self-treat yourself.