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The Most Common Causes of Low Libido in Women – And How to Fix It

Often hailed as relatively complicated, constant lack of sex impetus and libido in women can occur due to myriad justifications.

Female sexual desire naturally changes as time goes by. There’s a variety of potential causes – some of which may be unanticipated ! So, if you’ve been experiencing depleted libido and want to do something about it, take a look at some most prosaic causes and preventions below.


If you’re aged 45+ and find yourself seldom wanting to engage in sex, menopause could be a big contributor. 

A customary part of aging, menopause is a naturally occurring biological transformation which marks the end of your menses or menstrual cycles after a twelvemonth sans emergency Tampax or tampons. According to resources such as the Mayo Clinic, the median age of menopausal onset is 51 in Australia. It causes your oestrogen to tellingly drop. Potentially leaving you with a variety of associated pointers including vaginal dryness, your desire for intercourse is likely to lag. 

But that doesn't mean you should just give up and play a rousing game of Monopoly.

Sexual physical considerations

On top of lack of naturally-occurring lubrication, a plenitude of other sex-related problems could contribute to your depleted libido during perimenopause and afterwards. 

Discomforting sensations during sex, vaginismus, and endeavoring to climax could halve your sexual comfort and confidence. You may feel like avoiding sex like the plague!

If grappling with one or more of these sexual snags, have a powwow with your doctor. Pointers such as painful intercourse could mean something more serious than just inhibited libido, so investigate. 

Relationship dilemmas

Emotional disputes with your significant other may be correspondingly telling in lagging libido. 

Strained intercommunication, reiterated debates, or simply not spending worthwhile time together can all contribute to an unasked for rift – you might not even register it!

Consequently, simply not feeling any desire or constant rejection by either may connote a rocky relationship. Couples analysis is a great opening, granting talking out obstacles being faced. 


If medications are at stake, they could be the offenders in foreshortened libido. 

Antidepressants have been shown to foreshorten sexual desire, as well as chemotherapy, painkillers including morphine and even contraception. 

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So, if you’re habitually absorbing a medicine and synchronously experiencing zero sexual immediacy, visit your GP as you may be able to switch-up your medication if necessary. 

Mental health

Analogous to the emotional side of relationship contentions, psychological states could be contributory. 

Inquietude or lowness might be involved – many causing other problems in conjunction, such as low self-esteem and irascibility. 

Feeling depressed, worried, or unattractive are practically guaranteed to deplete your desire for sex. Increasing exercise and changing your routine are great ways to combat this, but if you feel you need professional help, visit your doctor to be referred to a therapist or counsellor. 

Being pregnant & breastfeeding 

Whilst some periods of pregnancy can cause your libido to skyrocket, the latter part of this 9-month period is notorious for many expectant mothers not wanting to engage in sex. This is hardly surprising to anyone who has ever seen a woman far along in her pregnancy, since it's a little like sexing with a planet attached to your torso.

Exhaustion and not liking bodily changes all contribute. And, once the baby is born and your priorities totally change, sex will no longer be top of the list – especially if you suffered tears or other hurdles during childbirth, like divorce, and if your breasts are painful from feeding the little monster - called so in an affectionate way, of course!

Accepting the effects pregnancy and breastfeeding can have on your sex life is all part of the evolution, and there’s nothing to say your libido won’t come back once the initial life change has become old hat. Your precious and precocious little miracle will eventually sleep through the nighttime. We promise!

Bad lifestyle habits

Activities such as alcoholism, smoking and marijuana use can all have a significantly deleterious effect on your female libido. 

Whilst a little drinky makes ugly bangable and brings some jamming smoke to your dance moves, heavy boozing is strongly associated with absent desire. Smoking cigarettes and marijuana misuse are also prominent in affecting blood flow, which in turn inhibits the ability to become aroused. 

The obvious method of rectifying this is to simply improve your routine! Eliminating smoking and drugs will not only help boost your sex life – but will also cogently improve your health. It will also help your teeth to be whiter, and therefore your dentist may give you a thumbs up!

So, if you find yourself constantly not wanting sex, and it isn't just because the person on the other side of the mattress is unattractive, one or more of the above causes could be the reason. Speaking to your doctor is the first step in not only establishing the explanation – but the best possible resolution too!