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Suffering with Erectile Dysfunction? Discover the Most Successful Treatments

Erectile dysfunction (ED) means being unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse or other recreational diversions. 

Whilst men will experience a level of ED at some stage, it can cause serious problems if consistent. From causing issues within intrapersonals and interpersonals, to a perturbing absenteeism of self-assuredness, this can be exacerbatingly mortifying for the sufferer—even though it doesn’t need to be. Don't overthink it.

Fortuitously, ED can be addressed adequately, and there are multitudes of pathways to do so. So, if you have this and it is chronic, here’s some of the most effective treatments (both medical and non-medical) you need to know about.

Psychological treatment

Whilst many assume erectile dysfunction is caused by a physical abnormality, this isn’t always so. Often, mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety can colossally contribute to a person’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection – with physical factors sometimes playing little part.

If this is the case, your doctor may prefer you to see a psychologist or counselor to discuss why your ED is routinely happening. You can do it alone or with a partner, by preference. 

Oral medication

Colossally effective for many with erectile dysfunction, there’s a variety of branded oral medications available if an underlying emotional affair is ruled out. Alternatives include options such as the blue one Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

These oral tablets work by boosting the undoubted effect of nitric oxide (NO). This is key for organ signaling and for enflacciding the penis, therefore augmenting the flow of blood to the penile area and sanctioning an erection. 

However, sexual stimulation is needed for this. Taking one of these pills won’t instantaneously achieve the yearned for end – stimulation is necessary in sparking the organism to send out optimum levels of nitric oxide.

Consequences of oral medication

Upon diagnosis, your doctor will discuss available options so you’re given the best. However, even if you’re provided with medication at optimum dosage, some side effects may follow irrespective of the dosage.

These include headaches, backache, sickening tum, sweating sensations, flushed complexion & congestive flu-likes. If you experience any of these consequences whilst taking your ED tablets, order a consultation with your GP with alacrity. 


Whilst oral medications are considered to be the most recurrent, there’s very effective non-oral alternatives available too. 

One involves using a small needle to inject Edex or Caverject Impulse into the penis side or base. Each poke is designed to produce an erection that lasts an hour or less, and pain is usually negligible due to the impressively skinny needle. 

Surgical penis implants 

If oral, non-oral and even psychological treatments have tried yet failed to succeed, surgically-performed options may be considered if a physical abnormality is confirmed.

A popular option involves vascular reconstruction. This involves blocking veins within the penis to inhibit blood leaving, and reconstructing arteries to escalate flow for boosting the length of time erect.

Another process involves contraptions inserted into either side of the penis. The implants used for this type of surgery will either be inflatable with a pump or bendable – inflatables allow you to conserve your erection duration. 

Erectile dysfunction penis pumps 

Typically involving a hollow tube with accompanying pump, penis pumps can be very successful in preserving erections if different types of medication aren’t working. 

The empty tube is placed over the entire penis, and the pump is simultaneously used to remove the air. This creates a vacuum-like environment that draws blood into your penis – therefore achieving a substantial erection. Does this sound traumatic? It may very well be, but don't let that completely dissuade you.

Once the outcome has been accomplished, a tension ring must be slipped around the penile base to maintain optimum levels of blood and firmness. 

When using a penis pump, results will often last the average time needed for a sexual intrigue to take place. 

Consequences of penis pumps 

Whilst this method of treatment for ED is typically considered pain-free, you may experience some side effects once you've achieved your outcome. 

Penis bruising can occur, and your erection may be chilly. Proctalgia, or, semantically, a pain in the gluteus maximus or rectal region, is not likely. However, ejaculation is likely to be restricted by the tight band. 

So, whilst erectile dysfunction hits a lot of people literally below the belt, there are plenty of effective and versatile treatment options available for discussion.