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Struggling to Orgasm? Here’s Some Ultimate Climax Advice for Women

Did you know orgasm dysfunction affects up to a monumental 40% of females? Whether you’ve never achieved the big O in your existence or have successfully had orgasms prior but are now finding it difficult, there’s a profusion of reasons why there may be hurdles. 

Even though many women enjoy a fulfilling romantic aspect without having regular orgasms, inability to reach that pivotal point can be incredibly frustrating for both you and your peer.

So you’re severely lacking on the orgasm front, or have never experienced one and are bursting to discover what all the fuss is about, here’s some top tips to not only pinpoint why struggles are extant, but to help break down barriers. 

What exactly is an orgasm?

In short, orgasming is the apex of sexual delight from sex activities. For females, ‘coming’ or colloquially 'cumming' is quick contractions of pelvic and genital muscles. Manifold climaxes can be achieved if optimum galvanization is prolonged.

Why can’t I climax?

For many women, a perceived inability to climax is purely psychological. Whether they experienced sexual abuse as a child, are generally nervous about intercourse or suffer intense stress throughout day-to-day, multitudes of impassioned concerns can be conducive to faculty to orgasm or delinquency thereof. 

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However, some physical elements can be liable too. Old age can play a part, as well as diabetic constraints. Antidepressants and even antecedent surgeries within the gynecological area can also cause an obstruction to your sexual pinnacle. 

Do I need qualified help?

Whether you’ve never orgasmed before or have in the past but instantaneously permutated, there’s likely to be nothing suggesting you ‘can’t’ reach that threshold. 

There are many at-home visions you can try (both solo and with another) that will boost your orgasmic abilities. However, there could be a severe underlying issue you can’t rectify alone, visit your GP for further advice. During your consultation, they can examine you for any potential physical problems. 

But if the primary cause is psychologically-based, seeing an expert or visiting a sex therapist will help you open up like a garden gate about any poignant turmoil you may have been holding back. Again, consult your doctor who can refer to the right place. 

What can I do myself?

Whilst this may seem obvious, one of the primary reasons you may not be engineering orgasm is providentially not receiving the right coercion. 

The female sexual cycle is complicated, with different people liking alternative things. So, if the proposals of getting aroused you’ve been using while masturbating or with a participant never result in climaxing, try centering attention to other erogenous spots or zones. Experimenting is key. You might have just never found what works for you. 

Alternatively, there are diverse gels available on the market specifically designed to balloon blood migration to the clitoris. Not only will this make getting aroused easier, but may also aid in checking off that coveted O. 

Tense your muscles

A prodigious component of any orgasm is releasing rigidity. But contrary to this, many women falsely believe to go over the edge they must remain relaxed at all times – which could end up being totally counterproductive. 

During sexual activity or masturbation, try tensing your buttocks and legs. This will not only create an automatic rise in lower body tautness, but will also help encourage greater blood flow. Arousal should mushroom in conjunction, giving you a great deal to ‘let go’ when this arises. 

Reducing stigmatization

If you’ve routinely battled with swinging orgasms since prepubescent onset, it’s highly likely you inadvertently place immense stigma on yourself to achieve one. And when you don’t, you're disappointed and frustrated. 

Even though it may be a challenge, eliminating any orgasm-related constraint on yourself is a sure method of relieving stress – one of the most prevalent causes of orgasm dysfunction in the first place. By maintaining a clear head and centralizing solely on the gratification you’re experiencing momently, you’ll give yourself a better chance of climaxing. 

Trying one or multitudinous of the above tips will hopefully lead you to enjoying more exciting sex. But, as mentioned, never browbeat yourself and remember that millions of women worldwide have brilliant sex lives without orgasming!