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Identify the Possible Reasons Why You Prematurely Ejaculate During Sex

Vexing, irksome problems for many men, premature ejaculation (PE) incidents are probably more common than expectation dictates. 

Qualifying interludes comprise ejaculating either just after penetration or before it even begins. No authoritarian definition is extant for how long sex should or shouldn’t last, but ejaculation is typically considered ‘too soon’ if less than two minutes post-commencement.

When is it serious?

It's only considered inexorable if manifesting with each sexy bout. If it's unusual to climax too soon, it's unexceptional, nothing to be concerned about. 

But if typic to ejaculate prematurely, some most common causes are found below. 

Sexual anxiety

Perhaps one of the most conventional psychological factors contributing to this obstacle, sexual anxiety regarding performance can be massively hindersome to ejaculation.

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Particularly rampant if sex issues were experienced previously, or frisking with someone new for the first time, worry about performance is almost guaranteed to hinder lasting time. 

One straightforward, uncomplex method to settle it is opening up. Don’t be afraid to reveal anxieties – it will invigorate sex for both in the long-run! Or if too overwrought, handicapped or obstructed , speak to a GP who can send you to psych if necessary. 

Childhood trauma

In certain cases, PE can be a lifelong issue. If ending too soon repeatedly occurs after becoming sexually motivated, there could be an underpinning psychological issue, lurking like a Titanic, stemming from younger years. 

If a martyr experienced sexual molestation or restrictive, opprobrious criterions about sex were impressed as a youngling, early climax is more likely to materialize. However, trifling things could also contribute, like being unexpectedly caught masturbating as a teen or tween. 

Look back through upbringing years to pinpoint a particular thing that may have happened. Or, if too mentally fraught with grotesque memories re-surfacing, consider psychotherapy. 

Early conditioning

It’s been widely indicated that our first sexual explorations are strongly likely to impact sex as grownups – like conditioning. 

During pubescence, many boy teenagers ‘condition’ themselves to ejaculate quickly to give a yawning berth to being caught while masturbating. With repetition, this can transform into a singularly taxing habit to bust. 

Erectile dysfunction

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction (ED) not only hampers the mechanism but can also cause premature climax if an erection is achieved. 

If consistently concerned about whether you can gain and maintain an erection every time sexual activity is initiated, tendencies to ‘rush’ are incredibly common. 

ED sufferers may experience anxiety about how long erections will last (especially if a struggle to attain). They often adopt the mind-set of ‘not wanting to lose it’, hence willing themselves to ejaculate early so they can still achieve orgasm. 

There are many different treatments available for erectile dysfunction. If this is a condition you have in addition to ejaculating prematurely, ask your doctor for advice. 

Prostate issues

All reasons so far have primarily been psychological. However, physical factors can also contribute. 

If one feels emotionally sound with zero relationship troubles, childhood trauma, or anxiety to speak of, early climaxes could be down to physicality. An inflamed or enlarged prostate gland (BPH) might be the problem, with a routine symptom being difficulty urinating. 

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If you think this is at play, visit a doctor who will discuss treatment variables. 

Relationship troubles

If your partner isn’t supportive and typically mocks you for coming too soon, this can be rife for obstinate, ongoing PE. 

Especially if a companion is majorly sexually demanding, this is almost guaranteed to shuffle you off to performance anxiety. Being worried about satisfying them and simply having different sexual expectations are all contributing troubles, and the best way is explaining how you feel. 

But if they still aren’t cooperative or receptive, it could be time to accept this perhaps isn’t the personality for you. Are they worth the hassle? If you are unsure, some distance could be a saving grace. 

After discovering these potential causes, you now have the information needed to move forward with PE. This condition certainly doesn’t have to last forever, and with the correct processes in place you’ll be hustling to a satisfactorily engaging sex life.