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How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction with No ED Medication or Side Effects

Does the title of this article seem like an utter impossibility? Read more for illumination!

A commonplace condition that affects many men on a global scale, erectile dysfunction (ED) is still stigmatized as being an embarrassment.

However, admitting this issue and doing something about it isn’t the only method of treatment. Innumerable ways exist of preventing this problem from even popping up (no pun intended, of course) in the first place, and we're not just talking about turning to druggists.

So, for anyone who wants the best possible chance of not developing ED – or if one has already experienced great toil erecting an erection and doesn't want it to recur – here are some simple methods to use throughout a day-to-day route.

Stopping smoking

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for everyone, but very few people associate it with erectile dysfunction.

Cigarettes not only damage blood vessels, but can also significantly lessen the flow of blood to the penis – therefore making achieving an erection more difficult.

Methodical exercise

Even though physical activity isn’t the most obvious thing anyone thinks of when it comes to erection struggles, a significant amount of research has strongly suggested a link. Those who don't exercise are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than those who keep active. 

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Exercises designed to boost heart rate are a great way to help lessen chances of experiencing chronic ED. Cardiovascular movements encompassing jogging, swimming and climbing stairs are topnotch.

Evade steroids

If you're already hyper athletic, you might be one step ahead in preventing erectile dysfunction. However, if one heavily leans on steroids, they could be causing harm.

In fact, many anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding cause testes to minimise. They also lessen capableness of promoting testosterone, a cause of ED. 

Perpetuate a balanced regimen

Similarly to the previously alluded to leveling-up in exercise, perpetuating a good eating regimen that supports your heart is an efficacious method of inhibiting the risk of having ED.

A high-fat regimen that puts strain on the heart constricts blood flow throughout your self – encompassing the penis. And this will automatically shrink the wherewithal of getting an erection regardless of stimulation or arousal. 

Encompassing foods such as vegetables, fish, grains, poultry, protein, fruits, pulses, legumes, and nuts will not only ameliorate your overall health and nutrition, but your erection maintenance too. Try to have Mahi Mahi and other coldwater fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines, and keep your potassium levels up with bananas. Sauces like pesto are better than dressings like ranch. Limit starchy foods like potatoes, bread, and pastas, and soy. 

If you can cook at home in your own kitchen, it is better for health. Eating out gives more exposure to overly rich oils and other cooking ingredients.

Lessen stress

Whilst many physical factors can contribute to an individual’s chance of suffering ED, psychological reasons can play a large role. 

Stress is often considered a gargantuan contributor to erectile dysfunction, as the adrenaline hormone typically causes blood vessels to contract as opposed to relax. This will make managing and withstanding an erection much more challenging – and the more you battle to become erect, the more stressed you’re likely to become over time. 

Taking an honest look at habits and eliminating any possible stressors is the first step in enhancing sexual fulfillment. 

Check blood pressure

Whilst a good regimen and active exercise routine will help keep blood pressure at impressive levels, some people are genetically more prone to hypertension than others – regardless of choices. This can result in putting increased strain on veins, arteries and capillaries, inhibiting flow to the penis and consequently causing ED. 

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Checking blood pressure with a doctor is a sure-fire method to stay on track. If your hypertension rate is continually high, they could place you on blood pressure medication to get levels back to normal. These remedies may encompass Diuril, Edecrin and Bumex. 

Lessen alcohol

Alcohol has been routinely shown to create a hormone balance when drunk moderately to excessively. Such imbalances could encompass sex hormones, increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction. 

The best method of counteracting this is to evade drinking alcohol completely. But if this doesn’t suit one's routine, reducing consumption to minimal levels is likely to help. 

Simple to implement and certain to not only have a positive effect on chances of developing ED, but overall health too, these are just a few easy changes to aid preventing erectile problems in the future.