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How Less Common STDs Could be Causing Irreparable Damage to Your Health

It’s not clandestine, how quickly sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs or Is) are proliferating in the Western world. With cases much higher than ever before, particularly among young people, being in-the-know and fathoming the symptoms and risks is compelling. 

Almost everyone has at least heard of STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea, but there are beaucoup other infections out there that receive far less heed. So your STI knowledge is as thorough as possible, we've assembled this enlightening data.

Hepatitis B

With many people not actually realizing this is considered an STD, hepatitis B can be potentially deadly without surveillance. 

Categorized as an infection of the liver, this is transmitted via exchange of bodily fluids (i.e. during sexual activities), open wounds or blood. If these substances are passed on from a hep-B carrier, the uninfected person will contract it. 


During embryonic contraction, you may experience innervation, high fever and yellowing of the eyes and skin (jaundice). In some instances, shockingly, existence will just carry on as planned – a particular blood test will be the only means of confirmatory judgement. 

If it is unabating, hep B is considered a immedicable liver infirmity. In serious cases, it can culminate in cancer and defacing of the liver to the point it discontinues to maneuver. 

However, in many cases of hepatitis B, it surprisingly disappears on its own. If your immune system is rugged and nigh impregnable, your body will be able to successfully altercate by itself with no treatment. You’ll not only terminate the infection but you’ll also garner indissoluble immunity. This does not then translate to mean you can sleep around with impunity. Precautionary measures must be taken.


A bacterial STI, syphilis is transmitted via anal, oral or vaginal sex with an infected. This typically happens by being in imminent proximity with a syphilis-infected lesion during sex. You can also contract syphilis from communal sex and bath toys. 


Whilst some people with this condition don’t evince symptoms, many still do. Pointers are ulcers or sores within the genital and anal areas or lips and jaws, skin warts, a belligerent rash, and fever. The sores spawned by this infection aren’t usually painful.

It’s crucial to get tested as soon as possible. If not treated, syphilis can eventually spread to the brain and cause severe consequences. 

Upon diagnosis, this problem is typically treated with prescribed antibiotics for up to an entire month. You can also receive an injection administered every week for a typicality of twenty one days – this is forcefully recommended if syphilis lingers over a prolonged span.


Spread by a microscopic parasite during unprotected vaginal sex, this condition is stereotypically associated with women – but can just as easily infect men too. 

Up to a huge 50% of all trichomoniasis sufferers won’t develop any symptoms at all. This often makes it a challenging condition to identify, with many not even realizing. 


Men are likely to notice an escalating urge to pee, painful urination, and a whitish watery discharge from the penis. Women also typically get discharge of a thick consistency, as well as a burning feeling while urinating and an itchy sensation around the vaginal opening. 

Unlike the above-mentioned hep B, trichomoniasis doesn’t usually evaporate by itself. But your doctor can prescribe a series of antibiotics to be taken for about a week. The most common antibiotic-based medication given for this infection is metronidazole. 

Every time you have unprotected sex with an unknown, it’s crucial to consider the dangers posed. The best way to prevent all of the above is to practice safe sex at all times.

So if any signs appear characteristic of an STI, or one has unprotected sex, get checked-out. Any recent sexual partners should also be tested, just in case you've infected them or vice-versa.