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Ever Climaxed During Sex Without Ejaculating? Here’s All You Need to Know

Often labeled a relatively uncommon problem, orgasming without ejaculating fluid may appear like a worrying estate – but it actually poses no severe physical threat to health or sexual pleasure whatsoever. 

Known as retrograde ejaculation or more casually a ‘dry orgasm’, this mode involves semen that would normally be released from the penis during climax entering the bladder instead.

However, whilst this contention isn’t calculated to be malicious in enabling the person to abide healthy and sexually active, it can be a cause of male sterileness – not because the sperm isn’t viable, but because it’s unable to successfully reach a playmate for fertilization. 

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So, if you think you’re undergoing dry orgasms or exclusively want to learn more about this problem, keep reading to discover all you need to know. 

What are the pointers of retrograde ejaculation?

As expected, the most prevalent characteristic of this controversy is ejaculating without expelling any seminal fluid – or only managing to release a very small amount. 

But another common consequence is cloudy urine soon after ejaculation. This is caused by semen being present in the bladder, thus resulting in a cloudier appearance. 

What actually causes this problem?

Due to the fact ‘normal’ climax should result in release of about a teaspoon of semen from the urethra, an internal physical causatum is highly likely to be responsible for orgasm dryness. 

When sperm ends up in the bladder as opposed to being expelled during ejaculation, this status can be caused by a wide variety of reasons for the bladder opening reflex being affected. 

During regular orgasms, muscles at the bladder opening automatically become clenched to block ejaculate liquid from finding its way into the bladder. In fact, this exact same mechanism holds urine until you go to the toilet. But if this tightening process isn’t functioning accurately, sperm won’t be discharged – it will go into your bladder instead, resulting in a dry climax. 

In addition to reflex physicality, this ejaculatory termination can be caused by other corpus problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, or previous urethral/prostate procedures. 

Does this cause detriment ? Or affect orgasm intensity?

Generally, it’s very rare for sufferers to report twinges or less pleasurable orgasms. There’s no significant evidence to suggest it inhibits your endowment to get erections, and typically doesn’t cause any dominant health concerns. 

Although, if you find yourself becoming stressed or afflicted about dry orgasms, levels of pleasure during sex could be psychologically impaired. If you consistently antagonize yourself about this or begin trying to procreate and experience anxiety surrounding fertility, opting for psychological assessment could be beneficent. 

Can retrograde ejaculation ever become serious?

Whilst this standing doesn’t threaten overall health or pleasure during sex, it can become problematic if you and your crony try for an infant. 

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Typically, this phase doesn’t entail any treatment. Presence of semen in the bladder isn’t damaging. However, dereliction to release sperm into your accomplice will make it borderline impossible to conceptualize. So some genre of remedial help will be needed to expand your probabilities of having a child. 

Potential treatments

Typically, procedures successful in rectifying this constitution involve oral tinctures in an attempt to encourage the opening bladder muscle to perdure zipped up and closed. 

Possibles include Tofranil (imipramine), Akovaz (ephedrine) and Vazculep (phenylephrine). However, as with almost all medication, you may experience side effects. If you notice any indicatives, it’s important to consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

If oral tablets don’t produce an effective result, you and your assistant may need to undergo barrenness procedures in order to achieve pregnancy. So, if you try physics and still don’t appear to be ejaculating fluid, sperm may have to be retrieved from your bladder and subsequently used during insemination of your female buddy. 

If you ejaculate wantonly without any fluid output, you have no cause to be concerned with regard to general health or wellbeing. However, if you experience uninhibited turmoil about your malady or agitation about your equipage to get your collaborator pregnant, discuss all available treatments with your GP.