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Do You Worry You’ve Got Low Testosterone? Here’s What to Look Out For

Commonly dubbed the ‘male sexual hormone’ testosterone is at its peak in men during the latter years of adolescence and their twenties. Due to this, most people assume testosterone doesn't start to deplete until older age – but this can sometimes begin early before a man is 30. 

Low testosterone, also known as Low T, occurs when your body is no longer fabricating the same planes it used to. Contrary to popular belief, females also have testosterone present in their bodies, but men have much more because it’s vital in creating and retaining characteristics.

But if degrees are considerably lower than what’s considered ‘normal’, it can cause a multitude of negativities physically, sexually and even emotionally. So if you suspect you could be suffering from Low T and want more information, you’ll find everything you need to know below. 

What are the causes?

This can arise from a huge array of causes. Often, Low T is the dregs of bad lifestyle eccentricities such as hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity, drug misuse, excessive alcohol consumption and high cholesterol

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However, a decline in testosterone could also be rooted from an underlying medical problem. Proclivities such as diabetes, receiving chemotherapy or other cancer ministrations, injury to the testicles and even liver disease could all be contributors. 

Due to this medical potential, altering your lifestyle choices may not be enough to rectify your lowering testosterone. To confirm the specific cause of your problem, go to your doctor who will run appropriate tests. 

Physical productions

This is culpable for conserving a wide variety of male-associated features. But if your body isn’t manufacturing premium volumes, it's likely you'll withstand numerous physical changes many men find distressing. 

Some of these alterations may include hair loss, weight gain, loss of fertility and even tenderness around the chest area. The majority of these changes reduce the appearance of the stereotypical ‘masculine form’, and can cause many emotional turmoil if consistent. 

Sex life

One of the most prevalent effects of Low T is the effect it can have on sex life. Conditions like ED could arise, and you may find yourself with a significantly lower libido than you had before. 

A combination of these sex-related foibles can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy sex life, and can instigate a number of dispiriting problems. However, with something like ED, you can undertake hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specifically formulated to restock deficient testosterone and help buoyant erections. 


Whether a firsthand aftermath of declining testosterone or of the physical and sexual problems that may have arisen, Low T often elicits feelings of decline for many. 

Especially within younger men who may opine they’re being ‘cheated’ out of their masculine youth, feeling unprepossessing and unsightly with low self-esteem are all circumstantial. Testosterone is implicated in overall emotional supervision – which can lead to dicey temper swings. 

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To counteract this, making a visitation to your GP is highly recommended. If you show significant signs of despondency, they may prescribe antidepressant medication. You may also be consigned to an expert sex therapist or counsellor, who can help not only establish coping mechanisms to improve your humor, but also provide support to your partner too. 


Whilst you may not be able to control Low T if your issue is medical, there are multiple treatment recourses available. 

As stated, HRT involves supplementing inferior testosterone within your system. This is administered via staggered muscle injections over a long period of time, but can also be given by small pellets placed under the buttock skin or patches/gels dependent on your wont.

But if the foundation of your Low T is your lifestyle patterns, it’s preeminent you make some significant changes if you want hormones to desist from dropping even further. Supervising weight and engaging in habitual exercise are almost guaranteed to help, as well as reducing the amount of alcohol (if apposite).