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Discover the Best Male Enhancement Treatments to Boost Size & Confidence

If you’ve ever been unhappy with your penis size, depend upon the assurance you’re not alone in this endeavor. An unforeseen contingent of men feel their manhood is too small. Many feel anxious or concerned about their sexual performance in perpetuity, regardless if they have progeny to show for their efforts.

The fact is, most males indisputably have nothing to stew about. The average penis is just over five inches long when unqualifiedly erect. A preponderance of women don’t place as much emphasis or prominence on size as men do.

Do you feel your penis is significantly smaller than what’s deemed mainstream? Does this appreciably affect self regard, credence and caliber of existence? Enhancement is conceivably worth investigating. 

Why do men feel dissatisfied with their dimensions?

Due to the wide depiction of larger-than-average penises in pornography and elsewhere across the internet/media, many men are often conditioned to think consummate or supreme magnitude is unreachable – even if their penis is larger than norm!

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Before making any impactful decisions on medical or even surgical enhancement recourse, take accurate measurements to confirm your actual size – not just what you estimate. 

Measure from tip to base to achieve the most precise reading possible. There are multiple self-care routines you can try (including losing weight and trimming pubes) to make your penis appear gargantuan. 

But, regardless of mien or measurement, if you’re still doleful, woebegone, and morose there are other provisions available. 

Penis pumps

If you’re looking for a temporary fix, a vacuum pump could be the reply. Comprised of a tube tailored to be placed over the penis, oxygenation is eradicated thereafter to create vacuum-like surroundings. 

This airless atmosphere involuntarily encourages an escalating amount of blood to accrue in the penis, swelling overall size. 

Also used for ED, gadgets or appliances of this ilk can provide a short-term extension in size. This makes them a good option to be used just before engaging in sexual pastimes. 

However, while potentially effective temporarily, little verification suggests unremitting use of a penis pump will amplify size immutably. In fact, if a vacuum apparatus is overused, you could end up vandalizing penis tissue and impairing erection triumph. Failure to launch!


If you’re looking to achieve a more permanent result, a surgical solution could be appropriate. Reckoning with or assessing male enhancement, there’s typically two accessible options: length and girth surgery. 

Length procedures 

If your primary concern is the length of your penis, this option is likely to best suit. Typically, the ligament responsible for attaching the pubic bones and penis together is severed. A skin graft is then taken and securely added to the base, achieving a longer flaccid length of up to 2cm. 

Whilst this procedure is efficacious in boosting size when soft, it doesn’t affect the measurement of an erection. Also consider the potential loss of erect angle you’ll experience, as the cut ligament will no longer be able to provide the same degree of support as before – this could make certain sex positions uncomfortable. 

Girth procedures

Whilst certain studies survive demonstrating a girth boost of up to 4cm as a result of this surgery type, there are particular risks involved. 

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The most common technique involves retrieving fat from another area and injecting it within the penile tissue to create greater thickness. However, issues can arise from this method encompassing irreversible scarring, lumps and nuggets, and an unattractive shape if the fat isn’t deposited properly. 

On a long-term basis, your body will slowly begin to reabsorb the injected fat anyway, resulting in your penis being highly likely to revert back to its original size. 

With penis characteristics and size being an incredibly common concern for a wide range of men, enhancement is understandably and predictably on the rise. However, it’s crucial to remember how today’s modern media has skewed the view of what’s ‘normal’, and potential risks involved with surgical methods. 

But if you truly believe medical procedures are the only way you’ll feel happy with your genitals, discuss the issue with your doctor who can notify a specialist.