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All Those Important Questions About the Menopause You Want Answered

A hormonal process every woman will experience at some point, menopause is defined as the end of feminine fertility. 

An entirely natural process that should never be associated with the words "disaster" or "destructive," still, menopausal symptoms sometimes cause distress, confusion, and heartache.

So, if you think you’re currently experiencing menopause or want to educate yourself about what’s looming on the horizon, what follows are some FAQs with answers warranty'd to send smarts soaring.

How do I know if I’m actually undergoing menopause or not?

As the special snowflake movement will have us believe, everyone is different. It’s untheorized to predict, with one hundred percent certainty, the unambiguous era in which this event will begin, or how long it will stretch out. Menopause is around a median age of fifty – but can start as early as fortyfive. 

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If you haven’t menstruated in twelve consecutive months, this is usually a vital indicator that this process is underway, and you are on the road to postmenstrual idiopathies. 

What are the most common symptoms?

It’s considered rare to undergo menopause without experiencing any physical or emotional consequences. Some are more prevalent than others. You may sense all of the below or just a couple – the nature of this life event differs from individual to individual.

  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Hot flushes/flashes
  • Abrupt alterations in moodiness
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Weight gain

These factors are likely to present themselves as menopause is approaching. So, if you also find yourself having unreliable periods shoulder to shoulder with one or more of the above, this is a robust indicator. 

During this time, symptoms may have peaks and troughs in robustness. Someday you may feel okay, and others you might recognize extreme fatigue, negativity and latent or lagging dampness during foreplay – this irregularity is not unexpected. 

What actually causes menopause?

The responsibility for menopause can be tacked on the doorway of hormones. Your ovaries are now failing to aggregate the same amount of estrogen as in younger years. 

Estrogen is defined as female sex hormone, required for the entire menstrual cycle to arrive at completion each month – including egg firing from ovaries. 

But, with estrogen declination, you will ultimately cease menstruating completely and will be unable to get pregnant using natural methods. For unnatural methods, look elsewhere.

However, whilst the menopause is generally hormonally caused in the vast majority of cases, a few outlying causes could be responsible. Factors including chemo, radiation, or other cancer-related treatments, specific ovarian conditions or surgical procedures to remove ovaries altogether could trigger menopause to occur. Research into how metastasized cancers and treatments thereof affect your girl parts is warranted.

Can menopause start earlier than age 45?

If you experience menopausal symptoms before this age, it’s known as pre-menopause. This can begin as early as your thirties or, most unusually, even earlier. As you embark on this next episode of your life, your estrogen will begin to dissipate.

Throughout the latter part of this period, hormone detriment increases, somewhat paradoxically.

Do I have to bother with birth control?

Unless you know for sure you’ve undergone menopause and haven’t had a proper period in over 12 months, continue with your regular contraception routine. If you don’t, you still run the risk of getting pregnant despite any menopause-like characteristics. 

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However, once you can confirm menopause is fully over and your fertility has diminished, contraceptives aren’t necessary. To ensure you’re protected against sexually transmitted infections, condoms are still essential. 

Will I have to visit a doctor at any roadblock?

As menopause is a normal, non-dangerous, nonthreatening event, visits to your GP aren't required.

But if your symptoms become debilitating and you feel concerned, a visit to your doctor is recommended to put your mind at ease, and your husband's, and administer any confirmatory tests dictated. Generally, menopause can be diagnosed solely based on description, but a specific blood test measuring hormone levels can also be done to confirm its presence. 

It’s also recommended to consult your GP if you’re believing you're entering menopause before 45 years of age. 

There you have it – the most important information you need to know with regard to this life event. If you feel anxious or troubled, remind yourself this is a 100% regular process, nothing to be disturbed by!